Some Questions to Ask About Rubbish Removals for Your Home

If you're putting off cleaning out the garage or attic because you don't want to deal with hiring a skip bin or hauling items off to the dump yourself, you can call for rubbish removals instead. This is a service that will come to your home or other such location and pick up your old furniture or whatever else you need collected. Before you arrange for rubbish removals, note some questions you might have and be sure you discuss all these details with the company before making your appointment.

1. Ask where they take the rubbish

If you're very eco-conscious, you may want to work with a removal company that takes items to a recycling center before they take it to a landfill. Some removal companies might even take items to a local charity if they can be salvaged and resold. You might ask about this in particular beforehand, as you might have many items that don't need to be thrown away but which you simply cannot haul off to a nearby charitable thrift shop or shelter yourself. The removal company may ask that you separate items that can be resold from those that are definitely junk, as this might make their job easier overall.

2. Always ask about items they cannot take or that need to be separated

A rubbish removal company may not be able to take oils of any sort, hazardous materials, batteries, firearms and ammunition, and the like. There may also be some items that they will take but will charge you an additional fee for, such as mattresses or very oversized pieces. Always ask about this so you know if you need to make special arrangements for certain items or should expect an added charge.

3. Ask if you need to be home to have items picked up

Whether or not someone needs to be at your home to have items picked up will depend on each removal company; some might allow you to put items in the driveway with a note designating them as junk as long as you give them a detailed list of what will be collected, whereas other companies may always require someone be present during pickup. This can be to ensure there are no additional items to be picked up that were not included in their original quote, or to have you sign paperwork and the like. Whatever their requirements, ask about this beforehand so you can be properly prepared.