How to Maximize the Use of a Skip Bin

When you're ready to renovate or tackle a major cleanup at home or the office, you will probably arrange for a skip bin hire. The rubbish you generate usually cannot be put out with your family trash, and a skip bin keeps your property safe and tidy during work. Because you need to pay for every time you have the skip bin emptied, you want to ensure you maximize its use. Note a few tips for doing this.

Recycle and salvage

First, be sure that the items you're tossing are actually rubbish; if there is anything you can recycle or salvage, you might set those aside and see about having a separate company pick them up. Some charities will send trucks to get old but usable furniture and fixtures from a kitchen or bathroom, or old building materials.


Disassembling the items you're tossing out can help you to save space in the bin. If you do have furniture pieces you're not recycling or salvaging, remove the legs, arms, drawers, and other pieces. Disassemble wood frames for walls. The more disassembling you can do, the easier it will be to make your rubbish fit in your skip bin.

Plan how you'll fill the skip bin

If you're tossing out roofing tiles or another item that is all one material, you may simply toss them all in the bin. However, for items like furniture or other building materials from a renovation project, plan how you'll fill the bin. Put tabletops and other flat items at the bottom. If you've disassembled wood frames, you can stack those studs in one corner or put them at the bottom of the bin. After removing the drawers from a dresser, put the dresser on its back at the bottom of the bin and put other rubbish items inside that frame of the dresser.

Fill in the gaps

Remember that you're not paying a skip bin company to toss out air, so consider how to fill in the gaps of your rubbish pile. Set aside small items you're tossing and once you have the larger items in the bin, put those smaller items in gaps and openings. If you've stacked furniture pieces on top of one another, there may be a gap where they don't line up completely and you can stuff carpeting pieces inside there. If you're tossing out dresser drawers, be sure the drawers are full of those small rubbish items. This will make the most of all the space in the bin.