After Hiring A Skip Bin, Where Should It Be Positioned?

One of the major concerns after hiring a skip bin is the best place to position it. The location of your skip bin is very important in terms of ease of loading and unloading as well as management of the rubbish you throw in the bin. Therefore, you need to be smart in choosing a place for your skip bin to be positioned. A few things are involved in finding the perfect location and here are some tips to guide you in making a decision.

Placing the Skip Bin outside Your Property

You have the choice of keeping the bin either within your property or outside it. If having it inside your property is not possible, you may want your skip bin placed on the nature strip or street just outside. However, this will usually require a permit. Therefore, find out from your council the kind of permits that you need because these may vary across different jurisdictions.

Placing the Skip Bin within Your Property

Keeping your skip bin within your property will save you the trouble of seeking for any permits, making it cost effective. In addition, skip bins that are kept outside are vulnerable to vandalism and unauthorised access by passers-by who may want to put even hazardous materials in your bin. There are many places within your property where the skip bin can be positioned. Here are a few possible locations.

Your Driveway

Your driveway is the first place you may think of as the best location for your skip bin. The size of the gate and the size of the bin are usually some of the major factors that influence the placement of the bin in your driveway because of accessibility. So, how wide or high is your gate? In most cases, the height is usually the deciding factor since most gates have a standard width. The mirrors are the widest points of the truck, so you need to consider that when evaluating the accessibility of your truck in relation to the height of your gate.

However, if the truck won't pass the gate and you have a fairly low fence, the truck can simply be driven closer to the fence and then the bin lifted over it. In such a case, you will have the bin in your front yard rather than the driveway.

Your Garage

The garage is also another place you can keep your skip bins, especially mobile skips. If the garage is your choice, you will have to evaluate the overhead clearance so that the skip can easily get in.

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